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First United Bank & Trust

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6 N. East St
Suite 201
Frederick, Maryland 21701
United States
First United Bank & Trust

My Bank is passionate about people. In a time when it seems like so many banks are just the same, First United is here with the heart to be different. It’s not just that we’re locally owned with a team that lives and works in the places you call home, it’s that we’re dedicated to helping you. We build solutions that are so customized, you’d swear we only had one customer–you!

That’s why our customers call us "My Bank.” We can’t wait for you to see just what we have to offer.

In a business bank, you’re looking for more than an account. You want a partner who can help you build success right where you are. My Bank’s products and services are convenient and powerful. And best of all, our people have insights and experience that you can trust.

If you prefer a faceless vendor to deposit your money and make loans, we are probably not for you. But if you like the idea of having neighbors with expertise, advice and financial strategy in your corner, we should talk . Soon.

This isn’t the future of banking–it’s happening right now. Our online and mobile tools mean you can manage your financial life anywhere, anytime.

The right strategy starts with your goals in mind. Tell us where you’re headed, and we’ll help you arrive on time.

If access is important to you–and we know that it is–you’ll love that First United is always within arm’s reach. Our mobile banking apps are powerful, convenient and easy to use. Wherever you go, we’re right there with you.

What makes First United different?

We promise that we will be your local resource—not only for wealth management products, but for knowledge, advice and relationships. We’re right here, in your hometowns and neighborhoods, so we can get to know you personally. We don’t just want to give you access to a product today; we want to be your trusted partner for life. And with our rich suite of services, we’ll help you manage your money today, tomorrow and even long after you’re gone.

You’re leaving a legacy. It’s our privilege to know you well enough to understand what kind of legacy you want to leave. With that knowledge, that familiarity, we can show you the steps to take to make it a reality.

That’s our promise. That’s our privilege. Come get to know us. See what truly makes us different.

My Bank Mobile Deposits from My Bank First United on Vimeo.

Visit our website: www.mybank4.com/Business
First United Bank & Trust | 6 N. East St Suite 201 Frederick, Maryland 21701 United States | 301x-662x-5023
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